Wood Watch Leather Band Couple Accessory

Wood Watch Leather Band Couple Accessory

Looking for a present on your birthday for your lover? Then get the Wood watch Leather for both of you. We all want to reward our loved ones with treats and presents. More specifically, we take pride in ourselves because our delight gives them happiness and joy. We’re trying to make them happy and lavish them with so much affection. If you’re talking about so many ways to make them happier, then you’re going to be able to do that with this wooden finished hand watch.

Wood watch Leather Band Couple Accessory

For a pair, the Wood watch Leather Band is a great gift as it can never go out of season. Its case material made of high-quality bamboo and the leather band makes it very stylish and fashionable to wear. Available two sizes perfect for the size of a man and a woman. This wooden watch is an option if you’re looking for something simple but elegant. Its style is timeless and on many occasions, it can be wearable.

Wood watch Leather For Your Loved Ones

No more confusion now, thinking about valentine gifts for your loved ones. This Wood Watch Leather will keep reminding you about your loved ones. You will never feel far away from them. It will be so helpful for couples who are in a distance relationship. It will always keep your loved ones closed to your heart. The beautiful architecture means you’re going to complete each other’s life. So get this accessory for your lover and see their joy as they unpack it. You can both wear it together to show everyone about your relationship and how you make each other happy.

This will always keep you in time with the rhythm of your quartz watch. You can also note the case is made of bamboo is overwhelming. You can see the wood lines that make the watch special and very fashionable. Inside there are no printed numerals that make the watch look very clean and elegant. The watch’s wooden case is combined with a strap of leather material that makes it more trendy. This suits the wood color and is very pretty to wear in the hand. You can wear it easily and tailor it to the length you like. Straps closed for added durability by stainless steel hooks. The leather material feels soft and comfortable against the skin. This wooden watch is ideal if you’re looking for a pleasant and thoughtful gift idea for your partners or friends.

Unisex Wooden Finished Watches

It has a unisex style that can suit men and women alike. You can even suit your girlfriend or boyfriend with your watches. This is a perfect gift to give someone to express their love and gratitude. If you buy this watch, it comes in a case and a cover for a watch. The box makes giving as a gift to a family member or a friend more presentable. It’s a beautiful watch made of bamboo material and a wrist band made of leather. Unisex style with 2 sizes available. It’s not water-resistant. The entire package comes with a 38 mm diameter cushion and a dial panel. Height of band: 22 mm. Size of band: 22 cm.

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