Why A Bad Relationship May Be Toxic To Your Life

Bad Relationship – Toxic For Life

A bad relationship is like a plague. Generally, you come to know about it, when the damage has been done. It casts a shadow on your happiness, health, peace, and relations. A bad relationship has a very distinct feature, and it never lets you grow. You feel drained, anxious, unwanted, and unappreciated. No matter what you do, all the efforts seem to go in vain. Relationships are very fragile. A bad relationship can only give you anxiety, loneliness, sleepless nights, and the feeling of being unworthy. It requires efforts from both sides to make the relationship working. Moreover, if the efforts do not work, it is better to call it quits.

Why A Bad Relationship May Be Toxic To Your Life
Why A Bad Relationship May Be Toxic To Your Life

Indications Of Being In A Bad Relationship

 Unfortunately, people always realize the indications, often when it is late. Initially, you start to ignore, hide, and judge things as they come. It is natural to deny the fact that things are not going smoothly. Admitting it can be painful. It is only when this bad relationship starts taking on your happiness and prosperity, then you start thinking of a solution. Some signs that indicate a bad relationship are

  1. You don’t feel special

You don’t feel special in a bad relationship. Your presence, choice, wishes, suggestions, and everything else hold no value. It makes you question your existence in that relation.

  • Their absence makes you comfortable

Surprisingly, you feel more at peace when your partner is not around. This is because when they are around, all you feel is lonely, guilty, sad, and exhausted. You are full of fear

There is always a fear surrounding you that what if? What if he/she breaks up, what if family and friends come to know about it, what if you would not be able to move on. This constant fear gives you poor health and sleepless nights.

Remaining In A Bad Relationship

It is not a choice but helplessness. There can be a lot of reasons that a person feels helpless and cannot get out of a bad relationship. It may be the fear of being alone, the luxurious lifestyle that is dreaded to go. It may be because one thinks that he/she has not put enough effort to hold things together. Sometimes people wait for things to get normal. And also, it can be the love that still resides somewhere at the bottom of the heart. Moreover, you get accustomed to the humiliations and dullness that bad relation brings along. Therefore trying to come out of that relationship never comes to your mind.

Useful Tips To Come Out Of A Bad Relationship

it is never late if you want to come out of the relationship. Follow some simple steps:

  1. Never settle for less

You deserve to be happy, unique, lucky and loved. Just because it is not working does not mean you will stop trying.

  • Stop expecting a change

Some people never change. The sooner you learn this, the better. Expecting that one fine day everything will get alright is utter foolishness.

  • Don’t make it a habit

Just because you spent so many years together that now you are used to it and you are comfortable. You cannot stop trying. If you do not start loving and respecting yourself, nobody else is doing it for you.

  • Don’t be afraid of loneliness

A bad relationship is not helping you either way. Once you get out of it, you see a beautiful world waiting for you to start living the life you deserve.

Why A Bad Relationship May Be Toxic To Your Life
Why A Bad Relationship May Be Toxic To Your Life


You live only once, and you should not waste your life for people who don’t even care. Being in it is like suffering from the disease when you know the treatment that can help you get better. Stand for yourself, win the battle and come out with peace, Self-respect and dignity

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