What Is A Relationship?


We all are social animals and cannot live in isolation. Everyone needs a partner and a close relationship with other people. Relationships are not built in a day. They require proper care, attention, and nurturing. It requires a lot of work and communication to build a healthy relationship. But, it’s hard to understand what a relationship is? It is difficult to understand the other person and read his thoughts.

What Is A Relationship?
What Is A Relationship?

Recognizing A Romantic Relationship

  • Spending time- if two people are spending too much time together, then they can be in a romantic relationship. If they spend a lot of time thinking about each other or meeting more often, then this can be a sign of love. The two people can talk about their feelings and get into a love relationship.
  • Taking care- if both or any one person is taking too much care of the other person, then this can also be a sign. If the person is crossing all the limits and caring for the other, then this is again a sign of love relationship.
  • Expressing feeling- in a relationship, it is essential to express emotions. If a person is comfortable to express feelings and also understands his feeling for the other, then this can be an indication for love.
  • Missing the presence- if two people miss each other during their absence, then this can be a sign or romance. They must understand the reason for missing each other and confess their feeling as soon as possible.
What Is A Relationship?
What Is A Relationship?

Recognizing A Healthy Relationship

  • Meeting each other’s expectations- if two people in love understand what the other expects and meet his expectations, then this is a clear indication of a healthy bond.
  • Respecting each other- if the partners or couples respect each other in person or in public, then this is a sign of a healthy relationship.
  • Easy communication- if two people don’t hesitate in communicating their feelings or like and dislikes, then it is a good sign of a healthy relationship.
  • No cheating- if the couple is loyal to each other and doesn’t hesitate in taking the truth, then again it is a sign.
  • Clear understanding- If the couples have a clear understanding of each other’s preferences, and also don’t push the other in a relation, then this is a clear indication.

Understanding Different Types Of Relationships

  • Friendship- this is a platonic bond. Friends are the people who make us feel similar and valued. They build a secure atmosphere around and appreciate who we are.
  • Acquaintances- this is a formal relation. It is simply like passing by someone and saying hello. They are much different than a friend.
  • Relatives- they can be formal as well as casual relatives. These relationships are god gifted. So generally it depends on person-to-person while maintaining such a relation. These relatives make us recall our roots whenever they meet. They also build a strong and secure atmosphere around them.


Every type of relationship is different, and their demands are also not the same. However, everyone wants them around and feel a sense of belongingness.