What Are The Characteristics Of Healthy Relationships?


Healthy relationships can bring the best out of anyone. In our life, there are some relations, which are not by choice like a mother-son, or a brother-sister. But some relations are by choices like husband-wife, or boyfriend-girlfriend. We cannot do anything about the former, but the latter one can be dealt upon. It always makes people happy and contended. It will always bring a person up and never let down. It’s challenging to have healthy relationships always but maintaining one always needs some time and effort. If both the people in a relationship are determined to have a healthy relationship, they can check for the signs. Here is a list of signs, which shall tell the couple that their relationship is healthy, or not.

Identifying A Healthy Relationships

Qualities Of Healthy Relationships
Qualities Of Healthy Relationships
  • Comfortable pace- the pace with which the couples take a relationship matters. The pace must be such that it makes them feel comfortable. It’s necessary to keep a balance in everything. Not meeting too much, or talking too much is some of the examples of imbalances.
  • Trust- Trust is the pillar of any relationship. A lack of trust can quickly destroy any relationship; even a 10-year-old relationship can be its victim. Having trust in the partner is a sign of a healthy relationship.
  • Honesty- honesty keeps the partners truthful and open. Talking openly means talking without any fear of misbehavior from the other end.
  • Independence- space, and freedom is a part of a healthy relationship. Both the partners must have some external life apart from their own life together. This will build a much stronger relationship amongst them.
  • Respect- respecting each other is a mutual thing. If respect is there in a relationship, then it can go a long way. Frequent and genuine compliments, supporting during hard work and pushing towards achieving goals are some of the examples of a healthy relationship.

Some Other Signs

Qualities Of Healthy Relationships
Qualities Of Healthy Relationships
  • Equality- in a relationship, nobody is over or under anyone. However, listening to the other and being heard is all very important.
  • Compassion- caring and concern for the partner are also essential. On the other hand, the feeling of belongingness and support is a sign of a healthy relationship.
  • Taking responsibility- after making a mistake if a person accepts it, then nothing can keep them apart. If the partners play no blame game, instead they accept their own mistakes, then these are the signs of a healthy relationship.
  • Loyalty- being reliable and confident about other partners is a part of loyalty. On the other hand, partners keep each other’s secret and don’t spill it during a weak time, or a fight are signs of a healthy relationship.
  • Communication- if the partners are easily reachable for each other and communicate efficiently, then nothing can go wrong with them. Talking when necessary and having discussions over things are signs of a healthy relationship.


Small things said or done can quickly spoil a relationship. If the above-given signs are followed or incorporated in a relationship, then nothing can keep them apart. However, building such a relationship requires efforts from both the partners.