Ways To Tell If You Are In A Healthy Relationship -

Ways To Tell If You Are In A Healthy Relationship

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What most people do not realize is that a healthy relationship can truly be life-changing. If you think you are in a healthy relationship at the moment, you would feel proud and happy. There are actually ways wherein you can tell if you are in one or not. Some tend to live in the clouds and feel as if they are in a perfect relationship but there is no such thing. A perfect one does not exist because people change and grow all the time and they also make mistakes. 

That is a part of being human, but what makes a relationship healthy is what keeps the imperfection growing the best way. Then again, it can be quite difficult to identify if you are in a healthy relationship especially if you are currently happy. Always remember that happiness is known to be a state of mind and emotion that can be changed through time. To help you out, here are some ways you might look for it.

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Ways To Tell If You Are In A Healthy Relationship

Comfortable But Not Settling

One of the best ways to tell if you are in a healthy relationship is when you know you are both comfortable. However, some people might not realize that they are merely settling. This is where things go could definitely go wrong since it will affect the overall relationship. People who tend to settle for the relationship are either desperate or been in it for a long time. If you want to be in a relationship so badly, your mind will basically push you to see the current one as if it is perfect. 

It will help you convince yourself that this person is perfect even if you can see some red flags. If you have been with someone for so long, it can also mean that you are settling especially if you crave more. You often have that thought of what would it be like to do certain things but you are too afraid to end the relationship you have. 

There Is A Purpose

Healthy relationships also have a purpose, and there are always goals involved. Personal goals are different from it since this is about the relationship itself. These goals can be about getting married or starting to have a family as well as making big purchases.

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Ways To Tell If You Are In A Healthy Relationship

Making big decisions as a couple is part of the goals of a relationship. If you are your partner are not comfortable talking about these things after being together for a long time, then you might want to rethink it. Remember that this is something very important that you might want to talk about.

Healthy Conflicts

Last but not least, fighting is an essential part of the relationship but only if you both learn from it. Healthy relationships often have arguments but always makeup once things calm down. A couple should also figure out how to not go over each other’s boundaries. If you and your partner tend to fight a lot without resolving anything, then it is usually not a very good sign.

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