Stage Of Relationship Flow With Many Emotions Of Life


Before knowing about the different stages of the relationship, we should understand what is the relationship? The relationship is a bonding of two people who come together and help each other to make better. There are many types of Stages one can feel in a relationship. These stages flow with many emotions of life, like love, anger, disappointment, happiness, attraction, etc. By living with all these emotions, one can decide whether she or he should spend the whole life with her partner or not? If there are conflicts and emotional immaturity in a relationship, they cannot feel all stages. They separate after one or two-stage only. One more thing is to know that all relationships are not the same. So, the steps are also cannot be the same for every relationship. There may be variations in it. But the standard stages are given below. If you are also in a relationship, you can easily connect with this article.

Stage Of Relationship Flow With Many Emotions Of Life
Stage Of Relationship Flow With Many Emotions Of Life

Stage Of Relationship 1- Attraction and Interest

Although it is the initial stage of a relationship. But, it is also a crucial stage of five stages of a relationship. In this phase, you see your partner is perfect in every manner. There is a lot of attraction to him from you. You can only see his positive side in this stage. You always want to meet him. The timing of this stage depends on the nature of the persons involved in the relationship.

Stage Of Relationship 2- Real Scene

After some time, partners are well known to each other. After a few months in a relationship, you came to know all about the real nature of your partner. Maybe you can also see the mistakes are made by him or some cynical part of his side if you are comfortable with it. You can decide if you should continue with him or not?

Stage Of Relationship Flow With Many Emotions Of Life
Stage Of Relationship Flow With Many Emotions Of Life

Stage Of Relationship 3- Working Stage

After knowing the real part of your partner, now you have to decide whether you should work on it or not? If you are comfortable with all the pros and cons of the relationship, in which you are. Then you can carry on with him. In this stage, there can be many arguments and fights as well as love and care will also remain.

Stage 4- Stability

After going through with many arguments, fights, and complaints. You still want to live with him, then that is the stable stage of your relationship.

Stage 5- Marriage or Commitment

When you are comfortable with all his flaws and mistakes. And you accept him as he is. Now, you can propose him or say yes to his proposal for marriage. There is a lot of Feeling of love, companion, and respect. But it doesn’t mean that there will be no fights or arguments. They all will also remain and sign of a healthy relationship so, If you have crossed all these stages. Congrats, For your happy life.