Relationship Compatibility, And Something Concerning Their Love

Relationship Compatibility, And Something Concerning This Abstract Notion-

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Relationship Compatibility, by definition, is a state in which two things get the ability to exist or occur together without problems or conflict. The life which we are leading is hard and fast. Therefore balancing every relation is getting hard. However, to sustain life, we should have touch compatibility with our near and dear ones, And the notion of staying compatible gets various diversification as well. Lets us see-

Relationship Compatibility, And Something Concerning This Abstract Notion-
Relationship Compatibility, And Something Concerning This Abstract Notion-

Relationship Compatibility, The Various Levels

In a relationship, compatibility levels are:

Sexual: Some have high sex drives and crave for sex more often than others. Some have medium, and some have low sex drives. Choose wisely.

Intellectual or Mental: Where two individuals can have long, meaningful conversations. They have an understanding of each other’s professional background. Even if they don’t have similar views, they have an acceptance of each other’s opinions and are beyond petty disagreements.

Financial: It’s about the way you_handle and looks at_money. Some are thrifty, and some are extravagant.

Emotional: This is a major one because some practical people may not able to understand the needs and emotions of an emotional partner.

Personality and Lifestyle: Three major personality types are Introvert, Ambivert, and Extrovert. This indirectly or directly affects lifestyle because an introvert may not like to party or travel regularly, like his or her extrovert better half.

· Spiritual: The spiritual_chemistry is measured by how closely your religious or moral values align. Moral values are important because a brutally honest person will not stand a person who considers petty lies as usual.

Relationship Compatibility, And Something Concerning This Abstract Notion-
Relationship Compatibility, And Something Concerning This Abstract Notion-

Some Points To Think About

Now, if you think that you have to find a partner where you are perfectly compatible with him or her in all the levels, then it’s very difficult and almost impossible. In rarest case, even if you were able to find one, then your relationship is going to be quite BORING!

The right compatibility is the one where there is a minimum gap at those levels that matter to a respective individual. For e.g., people who place a lot of importance on financial_security. Therefore, it should place importance on finding a partner who’s financially_compatible with them.

Also, the right compatibility does not guarantee_love. Everybody has their definition, and for me love is

The little compromises, adjustments, sacrifices we do for the other, be it for their comfort or their happiness. And when two people are under constant change to improve as an individual for the good of both. Therefore we can conclude the notion relationship completely rests on compatibility. If there is no fundamental similarity, then the link gets distant with time. However, if there is compatibility, then the distance won’t matter. And the time too. 

therefore compatibility is an essential spice to every relationship. And I literally meant it. Even I lack compatibility with my mother, then I won’t be able to stand any argument with her. Therefore the notion of compatibility is viable to remain open for all aspects of life.

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