Marriage: How To Create A Healthy Permanent Bond

"Marriage" A Permanent Bond

Marriage is a permanent bond between two people. It’s a relationship that is made official in front of family, relatives, and the public. A bond made with love, made with togetherness. It is a relationship established with a promise to be together till the last breath.

The reality of being married is often known as wedlock. It shows that two people have tied the knot of being together forever. Finally, after the wedding ceremony, a couple is declared as husband and wife.

"Marriage" A Permanent Bond
”Marriage” A Permanent Bond

Types Of Marriages

Types of marriages differ from societies, cultures, and people. But basic kinds of weddings are

  • Polygamy– is a type of marriage in which a man is permitted to marry more than one woman. This type of marriage is prevalent in Muslim countries. It is a normal practice amongst Muslims. Many countries, it is considered unethical. Polygamy is described into two types:-
  • Sororal Polygamy– when one man marries two sisters, this is known as sororal polygamy. The word soror is a Latin word that means “sister.”
  • Non-Sororal Polygamy– one man marries more than one woman, but the women are not blood-related. Neither are they sisters in relation.
  • Polyandry– when a couple marries. This type of marriage is prevalent in tribes of Africa and some tribes of India. It is of two types:-
  • Fraternal Polyandry– Todas tribes still follow this type of marriage where two brothers marry a single woman. Both have equal rights to the woman.
"Marriage" A Permanent Bond
”Marriage” A Permanent Bond

Some More Types Of Marriage Bonds

  • Non-Fraternal Polyandry– it is on the women which husband she wants to live with. The husbands are not blood-related with each other.
  • Monogamy- it is the most common system of marriage which is followed everywhere. A couple marries. Monogamy is also divided into two forms:-
  • Straight monogamy- it is a system where both the man and the woman are not allowed to marry again if they get divorced. Or if either of the spouses dies.
  • Serial Monogamy- in this case, the couple is allowed to marry if they get divorced or in case the spouse dies.
  • Group marriage– in this system of marriage, a group of men marries a group of women. They all have common husbands and common wives. This is said to be unethical in many countries.


The couples make their relationship public by tying a knot with each other. It is not only a relationship between two people but a relationship between two families. It is all about managing the relationship together. Facing up`s and down`s together. Even if the other person is not right still stand next to them. Make the other person believe that you will be there for them forever till your last breath. Marriages can be a grand or simple one. No matter how two people got married, they must stay together for their entire life. As it is rightly said that the marriage is an inseparable bond. It is important to keep your marriage in a better shape to live happily.

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