Love Relationship – Bonding Lives


Being in a love relationship is the most beautiful feeling in the world. Love relationship keeps two people together in a bond for a lifetime. It is all about making each other feel special. It nurtures and strengthens feelings over time. Love does not happen instantly; in fact, it takes time to blossom. And when it blooms, all you are left with is nothing but love. Love relationship does not depend on love alone, but a lot of factors are responsible for it to bloom. Factors like trust, care, honesty, understanding, respect, sacrifice all hold their importance in building a lifetime relationship. It needs constant support and care as moods, time, situation all change bringing changes in feelings too.

Love Relationship – Bonding Lives
Love Relationship – Bonding Lives

Signs That Indicate You Are In A Love Relation

You don’t have to find out if it is love or not, you know it. Things reveal that. Listed below are some common signs that show its love

  • You are high more often

It means you are happy all the time. You rarely feel sad or bad about things happening around you. There is a kind of energy that is driving you.

  • You reach out for new things or habits

When you like someone, you start liking their habits too. Everything that relates to them starts to relate to you. The sport that was boring before becomes favorite. The taste of music changes from classical to pop. You feel the difference, and you are comfortable with it.

  • You change for a better person

Although there are a lot of changes, one significant change is the change in you. It starts by being nicer and sweeter than before. One may not notice it initially, but when people talk about it, it comes out as a delightful surprise.

  • Jealousy is round the corner

It is very common and natural to feel jealous for someone if it comes in between your relationship. Suspicion reflects the love you have for that person, so much so that you don’t want anybody to come closer in any manner.

  • Their happiness becomes your goal

The happiness of the other becomes the goal for the one who is in love. No matter what, he/she will try the best of the efforts to make his/her love the happiest person on the earth.

Things To Avoid In A Love Relationship

Love Relationship – Bonding Lives
Love Relationship – Bonding Lives

It does not matter what kind of love relationship one is in. They all work on some basic principles, and that is

  • Never lie

Never lie even for the smallest things. Once lying becomes a habit, it can break the bonds in no time because love cannot stand lies. Confess for the mistakes done, and lies spoken.

  • Never cheat

This can be the worst thing in love. This is an ultimate heartbreak. Sometimes it is done to an extent, from where it cannot be undone. It should be avoided altogether, and if feelings for someone else do arise, then confront and talk.

  • Never doubt

It is another devastating thing one can do in relation. By doubting others, you not only hurt them, but you also make them lose you.


Love is all about respecting each other’s feelings, giving time, finding moments, and staying true. It does not need a lot to do these things; all it needs is honesty and devotion. Someone who experiences a love relationship can tell how it feels to be so blessed. It is truly a blessing coming from the divine, and there is nothing like it.