How Well Do You Know Your Partner? Relationship Quiz.


It is not an easy job to know your partner completely. Everyone wants to know his/her partner but doing that may require a lot of time. So one can take this simple relationship quiz to know his partner in a better way. This will help in building a stronger relationship, which will last for years. By knowing one’s likes and dislikes, making a decision becomes easy. Like if one of the partners like Chinese cuisine, then the other partner can plan a romantic dinner in a Chinese restaurant. All these little things matter a lot in a relationship. So take this relationship quiz to know your partner from a different angle.

.How Well Do You Know Your Partner? Relationship Quiz
How Well Do You Know Your Partner? Relationship Quiz

Relationship Quiz Questions

  • Which part of his body your partner hates the most? This is a very internal question, and if you know the exact answer, this means that you are an attentive partner.
  • What was your partner’s childhood ambition? Everyone wanted to be a doctor or engineer when he was small. Knowing the answer to this question means that you are close to your partner. This also means that he is comfortable enough to share his childhood stories with you.
  • Which country is your partner’s dream destination? If you know the answer, it means that your partner is sharing his plans with you. This is a definite symptom of any relationship.
  • What was your partner’s nickname? Knowing this answer means that your partner does not hesitate to discuss his embarrassment moments with you. It is a clear indication of a healthy relationship.
  • Which family member is your partner closest to? If you have the answer to this question, it means that you are a good observer and concerned about your partner. This information will help you build a much stronger bond.
How Well Do You Know Your Partner? Relationship Quiz
How Well Do You Know Your Partner? Relationship Quiz

Some More Questions

  • What is your partner’s biggest disappointment? If your partner shares are mistakes and losses with you, it means that he believes and trusts you. He knows that these failures will not affect his relationship.
  • What is your partner’s natural talent? The answer means that you know your partner from in and out.
  • What is your partner’s biggest fear? If you know the answer, it means that your partner shares everything with you. It also means that you, as a couple, are having excellent communication.
  • Who is your partner’s best friend? If your partner has told you about him/her, feel proud. This means that he wants you to know and meet all of them. He is not embarrassed about his relationship and wants to keep you beside him forever.
  • Which is your partner’s musical taste? Knowing this can help you as a couple to enjoy things together. You can take your partner to a rock concert if he likes rock music. This can be an excellent getaway and an excellent surprise for your partner.


The above questions are especially for those couples who know each other for a long time. The answers to these questions can only give you an idea about your partner’s nature. If you know all the answers, this means that you are in a promising relationship. So for those who want to be in a serious relationship, this relationship quiz is a must.