How To Have Better Relationship At Present And Future?

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How To Have Better Relationship? I will share a few traits that are required for a healthy relationship. It may have been emphasized by others, as I can see that many people have already answered.

How To Have Better Relationship At Present And Future?
How To Have Better Relationship At Present And Future?

How To Have Better Relationship

  • Approachable. Your partner should be comfortable sharing anything with you. If someone hesitates while talking to you, how are you going to make it last longer?
  • Don’t assume. Always ask. There may be times when your partner wants you to understand them without saying, and unfortunately, you miss it. Rather than accepting their silence as it is, ask him/her for a reason behind their silence.
  • Good Listener. We’re gifted with two ears to listen more. Out of frustration, people seem to blabber. But once things are out of their system, they tend to get relaxed.
  • Independent. No one would like a person who is too dependent on someone. Independence demonstrates confidence. One cannot stay with someone who is not confident.
  • Walk the Talk. Always do what you say. Doers are always respected everywhere. Your partner can count on you. Don’t fall in the category of “Barking dogs seldom bite.” 
  • Sense of Humor. Laughing can eliminate stress. So be a stress buster for your significant other.
  • I know everyone won’t have all the mentioned traits, and some of them are innate, which can’t be acquired just by reading. But, with the characteristics we have, we can give our 100% to make the relationship secure and last it long.
How To Have Better Relationship At Present And Future?
How To Have Better Relationship At Present And Future?

More Tips To Know

  • Supportive. Always be the strongest pillar on which your loved one can stumble. Getting through the weakest and vulnerable phase will be easy if you have this trait.
  • Attention. It must be in receiving from your partner, and if not received, then we have many HUNTERS out there ready for their prey.
  • Motivator. Life is not going to the same every time. You should be able to lift your partner during his/her downfall. The person who has been there during hard times is always to remember. So be the one.
  • Initiator. Very important. One of them should break the ice in every situation. Especially after fights and arguments. Being upset for a longer time will create more distance. To initiate and bridge the gap.
  • Transparency. Lack of this element gives a feeling of betrayal. Be it the smallest thing, the other half of your life should know about it. Otherwise, it may be in interpretation that there are many things which he/she isn’t aware of and thus distance increases.
  • Open-mindedness. They have their traits, beliefs, likes, dislikes, stories, reasons which vary. So rather than being judgmental, accepting their individuality will be more beneficial for developing a healthy relationship.
  • Calm & Composed. Getting angry & frustrated under challenging times is a straightforward thing to do. Carving the way out of tough situations patiently & mindfully is a real genius. Now, who won’t like to be with the ability? How to have a better relationship? One cannot stay where there is no respect for him/her. Especially when the loved one shows no respect, it hurts.
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