Good Relationship: A True Blessing


A good relationship is a healthy association between two partners for a lifetime. The presence of love, respect, protection, comfort, and freedom are a few qualities of a good relationship. It promotes happiness, good health, and let prosperity prevail in life. A relationship is built on a foundation of friendship and love. It has the power of forgiveness, acceptance, and assurance. A good relationship is about helping each other in difficult times. Moreover, it is about appreciating the efforts made and ignoring the shortcomings. It assures the security of the individuals in all manners that is emotional, financial, social, and physical.

Good Relationship – True Blessing
Good Relationship – True Blessing

Salient Features Of A Good Relationship

  • Friendship

It strengthens the bonds as friends don’t lie, stay together in the hardships, and share their feelings more openly. Moreover, friendship lightens the burden of relation, making it more joyful and adventurous. It allows teamwork as there are deep understanding and acknowledgment of affairs.

  • Trust and support

Trust is very vital to sustain the relationship. Doubts and distrust can crumble the bond in no time, despite making all the efforts. And also, trusting and supporting your partner in their capabilities of performing tasks plays an essential role.

  • Respect

Although trust is very vital, respect is crucial too. It respects only, which allows the flow and stability of the emotion. Respect allows us to see each other as an equal individual accessing common thoughts.

  •   Truthfulness

Another very important aspect of a good relationship is to stay faithful to each other. Truth makes all the fear and apprehensions vanish. It provides comfort and security and assures long life of togetherness.  

  • Intimacy

Physical intimacy, on the one hand, has its importance, but being emotionally intimate is a different point of view. When you are emotionally intimate, you define and set new boundaries of companionship.

  • No conditions

There are some conditions in a relationship which is on true love. Some of the conditions reflect fear. Some also reflect insecurities and jealousy. No settlement can be successful, which is on conditions. Moreover, even if it succeeds, it is not going to last longer.  

Good Relationship – True Blessing
Good Relationship – True Blessing

Ensuring Lifetime Endurance

A relationship can be made good or bad, depending on the nature of the individual. It counts on the response, reactions, and approach made to the existing conditions. However, communication, affection, truthfulness, forgiveness, and support can help a lot in the maintenance of lifetime promises. Time to time give space to each other is also equally necessary. Keeping up with family and friends, balancing work and home, appreciating the achievements, etc. are all very crucial parts of a good relationship that needs to be taken care of well.


Good relationship is all about celebrating the similarities while respecting the differences. The beauty lies in being both lovers and friends at the same time. Like every other relation, it takes time to blossom to shine forever. It is how you continue and keep up with the hardships of the journey. It should leave you with a feeling of being lucky.