Early Relationship Problems


Nobody in this world can live life in isolation. Everybody needs a partner to spend a life. Throughout its life, a relationship goes through ups and downs. It’s often tough to identify a problem early in a relationship. The early relationship problems show their signs of existence and thus must not be ignored. Problems tend getting worse over time; therefore, correct action at the right time must be taken. Ignoring the initial relationship problem will bring no solution. So instead of moving out due to initial thunders, it’s better to stay at it and give a second thought.

Reasons For An Early Problem

Early Relationship Problems
Early Relationship Problems
  • Lack of sexual chemistry- communicating and experimenting to increase sexual compatibility can improve the relationship. Lack of chemistry since the very beginning will take the sexual relationship further down the hill.
  • Having nothing in common- if the partners have nothing in common, this can be a difficult situation. Days are gone when relationship advisers said opposites attract each other. But now the tables have turned. If the list of likes and dislikes are poles apart, this leads to partners sharing lots of time away from each other. This can create a lot of differences.
  • Controlling and dominating personality- early days of relationship witness good behavior from both the partners. But as some time passes, one should not ignore the controlling or dominating nature of the other. A discussion with the partner can bring some solutions. Going for a couple’s therapy can also be a great option.
  • Different spending habits- in most cases, money is the biggest reason for a fight between couples. To sort it out from the very first day, couples must discuss it. Opening a joint account for household expenses or splitting the bills can be some solution.

Some Other Relationship Problems

  • Issues from the past- fight about family members or ex-partners can be dangerous. These fights bring no solution and worsen the situation. In a relationship, early arguments over such issues can have an adverse effect on the relationship. Some boundaries must be created initially.
  • An inability to communicate-early open communication over anything can bring early solutions and lesser problems. Poor communication can easily harm a relationship. Healthy communication leads to a happy life.
  • Disrespect and dishonesty- if someone can be disrespectful on the first date think about the 100th date. If initially, things don’t feel right, don’t get into such a relationship. However, an attempt can be taken to sort everything.
  • Cheating- nobody can tolerate a cheating partner. If the cheating is proven, there is no reason left to stay in the relationship. However, an attempt to solve everything is worth to be taken.
  • Financial issues- if one of the partners has a financial problem, like lots of debt or poor credit score, then he/she must talk about it to his/her partner. Non-communication of such matters can lead to distrust and finally, a relationship breakup.
Early Relationship Problems
Early Relationship Problems


Generally, couples find it challenging to sort out relationship problems. But all it needs is a genuine attempt to sort everything. Breaking a relationship is easy, but keeping it takes time and effort. Communication is a key element for a healthy relationship.