Different Types Of Relationships Explored


A relationship is about how you feel about the other person. A relationship needs you to trust each other and support each other. To build a healthy relation, one has to accept the other the way they are. One should understand the needs of others and should try to fulfill the expectations others have. A healthy relationship means to help your partner to grow and not pull them down. Nowadays life is very busy when you are in a relation, try to take out some time from the schedule and spend with your partner. It makes the relationship stronger and healthier. Relationships are essential for a happy life. Not every relationship is perfect, but with a person’s efforts, it can become perfect. Relationships help to enrich our lives and make it enjoyable.

Different Types Of Relationships Explored
Different Types Of Relationships Explored

Types Of Relationships

  1. Open relation- In this, people accept publicly that they are in a relationship. There are no rules to be followed to be in such kind of relationship.
  2. Polyamorous relationship- In this, a person has more than one long term, loving and close relations. All those involved in such a relationship should be aware of this setup.
  3. Long-distance bond- In this, people meet very rare as they live in separate places. They hardly have physical contact. One example of such kind is a virtual bond, where a person has never met the other person. It depends on the person how they maintain it. Its all about availability, priority, and be available when a person needs you.
  4. Monogamous relationship- This type of relationships involve only two people. They share love, intimacy without involving any third party. The couple maintains a relation for an undefined period.

Some Values Which Are Important In Relationship

  • Independent- To have independence and space to grow in your relationship is very important. Partners should understand that personal space gives peace of mind, which is essential. In a healthy relation, instead of stopping the other, the partner should encourage each other to grow and fly high.
  • Partnership- Personal space is very important, but you have to be as strong as a couple. Both should be given equal importance in relation so that you can work as a team.
  • Safety- Relationships should make you feel secure and safe.  You should be free in relation to any fear.
  • Compromise- To maintain a healthy and stress-free relation, one has to compromise. To compromise, a person should be flexible enough to adopt changes. Both have to be flexible while taking decisions.
  • Loyalty- One of the key component of the relationship. If your partner is not loyal, then you should get out it as soon as possible. Loyalty is the building block of any relations. Kid, you want to be in a relations, you have to commit to it.
Different Types Of Relationships Explored
Different Types Of Relationships Explored


Therefore, the relationship increases happiness and reduces stress in your life. One should respect other’s individuality. In a healthy and open relation, one should be able to express his feeling without any hesitation. The relation makes you feel secure and comfortable in your skin. Hence, trust is the major key to maintain the relationship. Everyone has a different compatibility level and different goals. Just trust each other, support them, and be happy with less expectations. Be open, honest about your life, feelings, etc.