Big Day: Decorating Tips For Marriage Halls -

Big Day: Decorating Tips For Marriage Halls

Ways To Decorate Marriage Halls

Marriage is a bond forever and also the most special day for people getting married. Marriages can be lavish or simple; it all depends upon the couple. Everyone likes a wedding which is properly managed and organized. Marriage decorations play a key role in building a marriage atmosphere. Unlimited options and many event organizers are there in the market, which can help in decorating the marriage halls. Budget and venue contracts are two restrictions for planning the type of decor. Everyone prefers a decoration, which requires low maintenance, but beautiful and impactful.

Ways To Decorate Marriage Halls
Ways To Decorate Marriage Halls

Ideas To Decorate A Marriage Hall

  • Cover the ceiling of the hall- for covering the ceilings, draping with fabric is the best option. If the color chart has already been decided, then the ceiling can be draped accordingly.
  • Pick up patterned pillows and covers- for decorating the lounge area at the reception place one can use contrasting and patterned pillows and cushions. These pillows are readily available on rent and also are cheap if one opts for buying.
  • Hang the flowers appropriately- flowers are a must for marriage decorations. They not only enhance the beauty of tables but also can be hanged beautifully from the roof. Suspending flower arrangements above the guest’s dinner place can create a more intimate space.
  • Use beautiful table lamps- using table lamps create height on the reception tables. Some flowers around the table lamp will enhance the beauty as well as hide the lamp cords.
  • Lightings and chandeliers- for bright and energetic marriage one can go for fluorescent lighting and cover the entire hall with lights. But for a simple wedding always choose a subtle and sophisticated lighting option.
  • Use colored glassware- one can buy or rent glassware as per the decided color palette. They will go in sync with the entire decoration and add to the beauty of marriage.

Things To Be Considered While Decorating The Hall

Ways To Decorate Marriage Halls
Ways To Decorate Marriage Halls
  • Arrangements should be made, keeping in mind the number of guests invited. A small hall for too many guests or big space for a few guests shall be a complete blunder. This will also affect the decorations and planning.
  • Keep the menu short- often, people like to keep a long list of a menu in marriages. But to reduce the budget and wastage, a limited menu option must be there. On the other hand, fewer items on the menu card let the diners enjoy the meal to the fullest.
  • Giving return gifts to guests is also essential. Couples must opt for gifts, which are low in budget, and liked by all. A gift with the couple’s message and also which is used can be the best option.


There are unlimited options to decorate a marriage space. But one should always keep in mind the above-given points before starting the planning of the marriage. Small decisions can make a marriage talk of the town or spoil it. A marriage hall is a place where all the programs happen; thus, it should be decorated accordingly. However, it is always advisable to take the help of an event planner. They can give the best deals and the trendiest décor to the marriage.

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