What Makes A Healthy Relationship?


What is a Healthy Relationship? In a healthy relation, two people develop a connection with each other, which is based on mutual respect.
Mutual respect is the pillar of a healthy bond. A healthy relationship is essential for healthy and also prosperous living. It is full of happiness, joy, and most important is love. The bond helps the couple feel attached, supported, and independent at the same time. It makes an individual feels more positive towards life and also helps in overcoming a lot of problems. These act as the pillar for a happy and good relationship. A healthy bond comprises of love, trust, and also understanding.

Important Parts Of Relationship

  • Communication- Communication helps in building deep understanding with each other and also allows each other to connect. Partners in healthy relationships with excellent communication;
  • Treat each other with respect
  • Listen to each other and compromise
  • Boundaries- Each person should communicate to their partner what they are comfortable with and also what they are not comfortable with. Both partners allow each other to communicate with friends and family.
What Is  A Healthy Relationship?
What Is A Healthy Relationship?

Characteristics Of Good Relationship

  • Compassion- Sympathy toward partner let him feel valued and appreciated. Moreover, compassion is considered as the fuel for a good relationship
  • Compromise- Problem is part of a relationship. When partners know that they will be able to handle these problems together, it is said to be a healthy relationship.
  • Trust- Trust is the essential quality of a good relationship. Trusting each other is a must to have a good relationship. It takes a lot of time to build trust and a few seconds to break it.
  • Positivity-Praising partners help in strengthening connections, bonds, and also love. Positivity is required to maintain a good relationship.

How Can A Healthy Relationship Benefits

  • People in a healthy and positive bond tend to live longer
  • People in positive and understanding relationships generate more oxytonic that helps in getting away negative thoughts.
  • Staying in a good bond, people are likely to be physically fit.

How To Recognize Bad Relationship

Bad Relation attacks the other features of life from friendship to family. The bad relation makes an individual feel more depressed and worried

  • Passive-aggressive behavior- When there’s something wrong going on, and upon asking, what’s going on, the other person says nothing and starts giving the silent treatment. When there is no solution, it is a sign of a bad relationship.
  • Lack of trust- To be in a healthy relation, partners need to trust each other. When any of the partners are afraid of going with friends after work, it’s a sign of a bad bond.
  • Ask for permission-   A relation consists of 2 adults. Compromises are part of a relationship and considering a partner for a big decision of life is a good thought. However, if you need to ask for permission for trivial things like making a plan with friends, then there’s something wrong.
What Is  A Healthy Relationship?
What Is A Healthy Relationship?


Healthy and good relations are essential. A good bond is usually shared between two people who support, respect, and trust each other. The positive relation brings a lot of health benefits. With positive and good relation people tend to live longer, and also it helps in boosting the immunity