Breakup: Reasons And Effects

Breakup: Reasons And Effects

The world is moving at a high-speed in every aspect of life. The process of initiating a new relationship is fast as well. However, the same is with breakups. People are quick in ending a relationship even for meaningless issues. But the after-effects of a breakup are many. Separating from a loved one can affect a person mentally and emotionally. That’s why it is important to value every relationship and try to nurture it. However, a breakup is better than being in a toxic relationship for many reasons.

Breakup: Reasons And Effects
Breakup: Reasons And Effects

Major Causes Of Breakup

  • Incompatibility: Love is the foundation of every relationship. Furthermore, compatibility makes it stronger and long-lived. While incompatibility can easily fade away, the feeling of love in the absence of efforts.
  • Lying and Cheating: The worst underlying reason for a breakup is not honest with the significant one. Cheating on your partner just for the sake of lust can ruin a beautiful relationship once and for all. And it is impossible to rebuild the same level of trust.
  • Not being emotionally available: Whether it is a piece of good news or a bad one, only a single thought comes to mind. And that is to share it with the significant other. But what happens when the partner is not emotionally available in spite of being there physically. These issues add up with time and sow the seeds of a breakup.
  • Communication Gap: Even a healthy and happy relationship can end with a lack of communication as it is the reason for most of the misunderstandings.

Tips To Avoid A Breakup

  • Be supportive and honest: Start appreciating and praising even the smallest efforts of the partner. Another way to build trust is by being honest and not lying about things. It is essential to have a personal space. However, sharing secrets makes the relationship stronger.
  • Value the relationship: necessities in life are food, a house, and clothes to wear. Being in love can make the person happy and progressive in life. And by valuing the joy a relationship provides, extra efforts are made to save it.
  • Communicate well: The root of most problems is the misunderstandings caused due to lack of communication. Spending quality time together and indulging in deep and meaningful conversations is essential.

Effects Of Breakup On Life

Be it a long term relationship or a short one, and breakups hurt both mentally as well as physically. And dealing with it takes a long period as well as efforts. Mental issues like anxiety, depression, and emotional weakness are usually observed. And it is also proved that emotional pain can also cause physical damage. Therefore, symptoms like loss of appetite are also common. But it is advisable to get entertained in activities that make the person happy.

Breakup: Reasons And Effects
Breakup: Reasons And Effects


Breakups are part of life; therefore, it is not necessary to make life just about it. It is essential to make efforts to save a dying relationship. Because having a person to love and share things with is a great feeling in itself. But living with a toxic person just for the sake of saving a relationship is also not advisable. In such cases, opting for a breakup is way better than tolerating the abuse.

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